There is an ever present threat from hacker attacks to power failures all the way to accidental errors caused by employees of your company. All of these things are completely unpredictable even though they happen to everyone. Fortunately, your company has the opportunity to prepare for such events, and the organization of disaster recovery in Albany & Schenectady before it happens can be vital to getting your systems back online to save time and money. This is where Omnis Computers can help you with our disaster recovery program that is essential in protecting your business' day to day data.

Omnis specializes in affordable disaster recovery that protects your irreplaceable data and effectively minimizes the adverse affects associated with an unplanned event that could potentially devastate your business. Our multi-step protection program ensures that no matter what, your business can be up and running quickly.

Our disaster recovery program has many features that can benefit you today:

  • Lightning fast recovery with our loaner servers - when you would otherwise have to wait several days for a new server in events of server malfunction, you'll only have to wait a matter of hours with our loaner service program. We'll lend you one until your new one comes in and get it running for you
  • Your whole domain is backed up - if any part of your domain goes down, don't worry - we have a copy saved on a virtual machine that can be restored to any dissimilar hardware
  • A plan for unexpected problems - instead of milling around in the dark when something bad happens, you'll have reliable service that will guarantee the safety of your files

When you choose Omnis Computers, you're choosing an expert IT company that can serve each and every need of your company individually. Call or click today to hear more about our services and see how we can help you.

Want more information? Download our Disaster Recovery brochure.